I just need to vent for a second…

I really can’t wrap my mind around what goes through some people’s heads when it comes to the decisions they make. 

A very close friend of mine quit her job and got hired at a new place. Her last day at her old job was yesterday and her first day at her new job was supposed to be today. I texted her to wish her luck and she responded with “I’m not going :/”. Her reason is freakin’ ridiculous. This isn’t word for word, but she said:

"I called yesterday and had a very bad conversation with the manager. I just got a really bad feeling. I called just to ask what I should wear and ask for Thursday or Friday off and she huffed and puffed about it!"

So, let me get this straight… you don’t want to work somewhere anymore because they wouldn’t give you your SECOND day on the job off? Mind you… it would have been Thursday and they close at 1 on Saturday and she has Sunday’s off. Crazy, right?

This may sound lame, but it’s just been going on for yearssss. She has no work ethic, no motivation, and a sense of entitlement that blows my mind. She just “really needs these days to rest”. I could not tell you a single thing this girl needs to worry about, but she is forever exhausted and stressed. Over what?! You work 30-40 hours a week (just like most everyone else) and that’s it. Not to mention, she doesn’t make any money and is constantly broke. Really good reason to screw up a new job, huh?

Not to say I have all the answer, I certainly don’t. But, I’ve applied myself, I bust my ass, I work long hours and I make great money and have a great life. I just want better for my friends… especially when they come from nothing and exhibit the same traits as their no good parents.

And she isn’t the only friend I have like this. Sigh.

That is all.

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