List 10 random musical artists you like in no specific order. Warning: Do not read the questions below before listing your favorite artists.

1. @kelly_clarkson

2. @britneyspears

3. @carrieunderwood

4. @ladyantebellum

5. @leannrimes

6. @AubreyODay

7. @natashabdnfield (Natasha Bedingfield)

8. @Pink

9. Beyonce

10. @jojoistheway (JoJo)

1. What’s the first song you ever heard by #6?

Officially, either “Show Stopper” with Danity Kane, or her first solo track, “Automatic”.

2. What’s your favorite by #8?

Hmmm… “U + Ur Hand” or “Sober”.

3. What are your favorite lyrics by #5?

"I will learn to love what I cannot change".

4. What song by #3 makes you the happiest?

"One Way Ticket" was my beach jam this year.

5. When did you first get into #2?

The first time I ever heard “Baby One More Time”.

6. How did you get into #3?

I guess the first time I heard her first album. I didn’t watch her season of AI.

7. What is your favorite song by #4?

"When You Got a Good Thing".

8. Have you seen #1 live? How many times?

Yes, twice. Just saw her in September and I touched her arm :)

9. Favorite album by #7?

Her latest, “Strip Me”.

10. What’s your favorite song by #1?

I don’t think it’s possible to answer this… 

11. How did you become a fan of #10?

This is a new one, so I’ll say YouTube. I liked her songs back in the day, but check her out now… such a powerful voice. I can’t wait for her new album to finally be released. 

12. How long have you known #5?

Since the “Blue” days.

13. Top 5 by #2?

Till the World Ends, Me Against the Music, Toxic, Get Naked, If U Seek Amy.

14. Have you ever seen #10 live?

Not yet.

15. Have you ever met #4?


16. What’s your favorite album by #1?


17. Favorite lyric by #6?

"Loving you more than myself is wearing me down".

18. What’s #2’s best song?

Toxic OR Till the World Ends.

19. How many times have you seen #8 live?

Zero :(

20. Favorite song by #9?


21. When did you first get into #1?

American Idol.

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