Danity Kane.


So, I KNEW they looked tense in Vegas. They clearly didn’t want any solo photos taken, which I figured stemmed from the fact that Aubrey took solo pics at CityWalk. Then Monday happened.

Then today happened. Danity Kane is no more… BUT! This time we got a reason in the form of a statement from Aubrey and Shannon.

Now, they are reporting that Aubrey and Shannon were recording without Dawn behind her back? I know people don’t want to believe that Dawn would get physical like that, but let’s think about this for a second. Everyone was ecstatic when 4 of the girls got back together. And, yes, we were all sad when Aundrea decided to leave, but we still had our hopes up when we saw how AMAZING “Lemonade” and “Rhythm of Love” are.

But… ONLY Aubrey and Shannon? I’ll be the first to argue forwards, backwards, sideways, and upside down about how much I love Aubrey O’Day, but even I would be left scratching my head if they came forward and said they were moving on as DK (or some other name) without Dawn. Let’s get real, guys.

Say what you want about Aubrey or Dawn, but we all know that Shannon wouldn’t put up with any bullshit and the fact that she’s sticking by Aubrey says a lot, in my opinion.

I want that album to be released just as badly as anyone. Who knows, maybe they will.

The first time we didn’t get a reason for the break-up. This time we did. Whether you want to believe it is on you. 

RIP Danity Kane :(

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